Did you get the “Find my phone” notification with content 1?

If so then ...

… you have nothing to fear 😊 Yesterday some Samsung Galaxy smartphone users received such a notification. And not only in Poland.

The smartphone notification that you saw yesterday comes from a built-in application that lets you locate your phone. Yes, built-in – this is not a hacker attack, no one dropped you off anything, and at least when it comes to the subject of this notification, you are safe. Here’s how it works and how to use the Find My Phone app.

But my phone is behaving strangely!

Some Samsung Galaxy smartphone users report cases where their phone has restarted after opening this puzzling notification. Although this is really strange phone behavior and some have already panicked, Samsung Poland reassures:

“The notification has been sent unintentionally to a limited number of Galaxy devices. We would like to assure our users that it does not affect the functioning of their devices in any way. We apologize for the inconvenience and ensure that a similar event will not occur in the future. “

Software tests

Everything seems to indicate that software testers either tested something live or missed something. At least, one of Samsung’s representatives on his Twitter says:

Samsung Care Ambassador: “From what I can tell, this is a some test on Samsung’s end to assure services are working. U expect Samsung will make an official statement explaining but I want to mention it now to hopefully put some of you at ease. “

Feels like we’re in good hands. / s

– Rafael Rivera (@WithinRafael)

I got this message - what now?

Nothing Do what you have done so far and treat the message as if nothing had ever happened. Even if your phone has restarted. There is no reason to panic. Nevertheless, I invite you to discuss.

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