How do you turn off ads in apps on your phone?

Hi, today a little further from the subject of IT Security but the topic certainly no less important for each of us. Everyone knows how annoying advertising can be. They also appear more and more often in applications on our phone. Fortunately, there is also a way to get rid of them.

But what exactly is it about?

The point is that ads in applications appear when the phone has access to the Internet, i.e. when we are connected to a WiFi or 3G / LTE network. When an application does not have to have internet access to work, we can disable it. How to do it? I use the application called NoRoot Firewall, which always asks me which applications to grant access to the Internet and which applications should block access. You can install the application from Google Play.

Fig. 1 NoRoot Firewall in Google Play.

After installing, launch the application. For convenience, you can set it to start when the phone starts.

Fig. 2 NoRoot Firewall

After installation, the application by default blocks all services on the phone and applications from accessing the Internet. So don’t be scared when suddenly “net stops caring”. An icon with a characteristic “flame” will appear on the notification bar, indicating that an application or service is requesting access to the internet. Then enter this message to grant or deny access to the internet.

Fig. 3 Signal that an application wants to connect to the internet

Fig. 4 Select the NoRoot Firewall item from the notifications

Fig. 5 Grant access or deny access to an application that requests an internet connection

And that’s basically it. Simple, right?

What about blocking ads in applications that need access to the internet?

Here you can also get things done. NoRoot Firewall allows you to set filters with which IP addresses the application can connect and with which not. You can also set for what type of connection the filter should work (whether for WiFi and / or 3G / LTE).

Fig. 6 Setting connection filters for the application

Just select the application in the NoRoot Firewall and you can set a filter for a given connection type. Choose which connection type to allow and add the IP address and / or port on which the application may or may not connect.

And how do I know this?

It is best to allow a specific application to connect to the internet at the beginning and then in the NoRoot Firewall check in the Logs tab which servers the application connects to. And then by trial and error (because there will certainly be at least two IP addresses of servers) prohibit connections with the selected server.

I hope this article has been helpful. If you have questions, feel free to comment.


Artur Niemiec.

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